Malpertuis Neighbourhood Opera

23.12.21 > 23.12.22

Director Tamara Jongerden
Musical direction Orkest Morgenstond


Due to the Covid-19 measures announced by the Dutch government on Saturday 18 December. Unfortunately, the planned show moments of the Malpertuis Neighbourhood Opera (Buurt Opera Malpertuis (BOM)) on December 23rd cannot take place. We hope to be able to play a next edition of the BOM live for you in the new year, together with the participants.


The Malpertuis Neighbourhood Opera is a unique project where performing arts and well-being meet. Opera Zuid, together with local residents, creates a view on the people and their stories of the Maastricht district of Malpertuis, which is also where Opera Zuid’s home base and studio are located. Based on personal input from local residents, director Tamara Jongerden will work with these stories and ideas to process them into a music-theatrical presentation. With Orkest Morgenstond (specialized in neighborhood projects), local residents, opera singers and young musicians from the Maastricht Conservatory, a surprising encounter with Malpertuis arises that hopefully leaves you wanting more.

This project is a collaboration between Neighborhood Network Malpertuis, Orkest Morgenstond, Trajekt and Opera Zuid. And is made possible in part by Fonds Cultuur Participatie and the Municipality of Maastricht.

For news and updates, follow us on the Buurtopera Malpertuis Facebook page.




‘Succesvolle Buurtopera zorgt voor verbinding in de wijk’ Movisie, februari, 2022. Read the article here.

‘Buurt Opera Zuid wint 12.000 in finale Onze Buurt’ De Limburger, december 2021. Read the article here.

‘Opera Zuid geeft mensen uit Maastrichtse wijk Malpertuis een stem met muziekstuk vol verhalen’ De Limburger, 2020. Read the article here.

‘Opera is voor iedereen: vanaf de bank, in je eigen wijk’ Thuis in Maastricht, 2020. Read the article here.


21/12/2022 - 16:00
Maastricht, Opera Zuid
Studio Malpertuis
21/12/2022 - 19:30
Maastricht, Opera Zuid
Studio Malpertuis


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