Seizoen 21/22

“If music is the food of love, then play on.” – William Shakespeare

Dear audience,

We have missed you this past year! Of course we have developed wonderful things online, which we will certainly make more sustainable next year. But playing in front of a live audience is what we love to do! And luckily it’s possible again.

We will be performing no less than five live operas this season. Common denominator is love. Actually, all operas are about love, but each opera poses questions about love in a different way. Love manifests itself in so many ways: fidelity, infidelity, loss, a life without love and its the loneliness. Since opera communicates with music, it can bring such topics straight to your heart.

And who writes better about love than Shakespeare? We will stage a classic Roméo et Juliette by Gounod and a contemporary version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Britten. With directors who interpret these pieces very idiosyncratically and yet think complementary. This creates a Shakespeare story, in which the question of love is dealt with in two different ways.

Benjamin Britten’s restrained style  allows something as unheard of as the forest eruption to happen in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Director Ola Mafaalani feels this perfectly and discovers the sensuality in the score. She is intuitive, passionate and can unleash all brakes. Julien Chavaz, on the other hand, emphasizes the essence. With Roméo et Juliette, Gounod wrote a progressive score for its time, which is often forgotten. The piece is composed in a very clever way. Chavaz sees the modernity of this piece from the score and wants to show the audience that Gounod is actually a contemporary.

Song for the Moon is a performance for children based on a story by Toon Tellegen. This children’s opera is about the comforting and connecting power of music. Very topical at this time. The spontaneous contemporary music of the young composer Mathilde Wantenaar immediately appeals to children.

The themes of greed and overbearing of the earth in the children’s opera Goud! are also current, but no one is blamed. The philosophical questions have been put into music beautifully and with integrity by Leonard Evers, and serious questions are combined with humor. Children themselves make the music of the sea, a sea that is becoming increasingly furious.

Finally, a group of young makers will work on Gluck’s opera Orphée and Eurydice, combining live opera with virtual reality. With VR glasses you decide from which character you experience the story. You are literally in the opera. On the one hand an individual experience, at the same time very collective. Great to be able to experience live opera together again in this way.

We look forward to meeting you again in the theater!

Waut Koeken

Intendant Opera Zuid

Read our brochure of the 2021-2022 season here.

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