Lady in the Dark is Opera of the Year 2022

“Of the more than 1200 votes, 48% were cast for the ‘Broadway opera’ Lady in the Dark by Kurt Weill, for which the entire cast, but in particular the soprano Maartje Rammeloo in the leading role, was unanimously praised by the press and the public. Anna Pool’s direction and David Stern’s musical direction ensured a sparkling performance, in beautiful costumes and sets by Madeleine Boyd.” – Place de l’Opera

Franz Straatman wrote in his review on Place de L’Opera about Lady in the Dark among other things:

‘ With soprano Maartje Rammeloo in the lead role, the opera element is filled in with a great singer and actress. And as a musical, the production comes out beautifully with wonderful dance and show work. ‘ All her co-stars get great opportunities to sing and act here, with baritone Quirijn de Lang as movie star Curtis in a leading role. He exudes a natural charm in his playing and he sings his songs with flair. ‘

‘With (…) the South Netherlands Philharmonic under the direction of the American conductor David Stern, it was (…..) enjoying the spicy rhythms in the percussion, the fierce harmony of three trumpets and a trombone and the sweet harmonies from the three saxophones. Thoroughly Kurt Weill with a good dash of Broadway. ……’The enjoyment of this production is greatly enhanced by the clever direction in a consistent, beautiful-looking set designed by Madeleine Boyd. But especially the dancing and singing of the Theater Choir Opera Zuid and a nameless ensemble of fast musical dancers in virtuoso choreography by Rebecca Howell, make the theater heart beat faster. ‘

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