Carmen (2007)

19 May ’07 > 26 August ’07


A young woman, Carmen, is held in a tobacco factory because she is suspected of inciting a riot in the factory and threatening her colleagues with a knife. She is placed under the care of a soldier, Don José, whom she has a crush on. She is not the only one: Micaëla is also in love with him and brings him a letter and a message from his mother. However, Carmen manages to charm Don José into allowing her to escape. He is then arrested himself. When later he is released, he gets into a fight with a senior officer and flees with Carmen. Happiness is short-lived. Carmen tells José that she is more attracted to the bullfighter Escamillo and that she will give herself to him if he manages to win the upcoming fight. José cannot accept her rejection and desperately asks her once again for her love and loyalty. She dismisses him coolly and tosses him the ring he once gave her. In a rage he stabs her. And while Escamillo celebrates his victory, Carmen breathes her last…


Carmen Helen Lepalaan
Don José Harrie van der Plas
Escamillo Hans Voschezang
Micaëla Francis van Broekhuizen
Dancaïro Jean-Michel van Oosten
Remendado Alexander Schröder
Zuniga Leonard Graus
Moralès Willem de Vries
Frasquita Machteld Vennevertloo
Mercédès Klara Uleman


Director Calixto Bieito
Musical direction Daniel Raiskin
Set design Alfons Flores
Costume design Mercè Paloma
Light design Xavier Glot
Choreography Alvaro de la Peña
Orchestra Het Brabants Orkest
Choir direction Tjalling Wijnstra
Choir Koor Conservatorium maastricht
Children’s Choir Kinderkoor Sjamaes


‘Francis van Broekhuizen shines as Micaëla with her full, lyrical soprano. Helen Lepalaan is a stylish Carmen and Harry van der Plas has the right dramatic tenor for Don José.’