Cendrillon (2008)

15 February ’08 > 13 March ’08


Noémie, Dorothée and their mother are preparing to go to a court ball, where the two sisters will be presented to the king. Lucette is not allowed to come along because she still has household chores to do. She falls asleep sad and in a dream the fairy appears surrounded by elves. The fairy makes sure she gets a stunning ball gown and a beautiful carriage, so that she can still go to the party. She gets a slipper on her feet which has magical powers that make her unrecognizable to her family. She has to be home before midnight, so Cinderella runs away, but in her haste she loses a slipper. The prince, hopelessly in love with the mysterious woman at the ball, is looking for the one who fits the slipper. When he finally finds his lost love, everyone is happy; even the stepmother who gets the prince as a son-in-law. And everyone lived happily ever after…


Cendrillon Francis van Broekhuizen
Madame de la Haltière Maria Soulis
Le prince charmant Helen Lepalaan
La fée Natacha Kowalski
Noémie Machteld Vennevertloo
Dorothée Martine Straesser
Pandolfe Jan Danckaert
Le roi Zhenhua Chang
Le doyen de la faculté Guy van Horne
Le surintendant des plaisirs Benny Barends
Le premier ministre Christoph Plessers


Director Carolyn Sittig
Musical direction Ivan Anguélov
Sets and design Johann Jörg
Costume design Uta Winkelsen
Choreography Marishka van Loon
Choir direction Tjalling Wijnstra
Orchestra Limburgs Symfonie Orkest
Choir Koor Conservatorium Maastricht


‘Cinderella’s dream becomes reality’


‘Beautiful singing and boring direction in ‘Cendrillon’ by Opera Zuid’