Ciboulette (2002)

23 February ’02 > 16 March ’02


Ciboulette tells the story of the simple vegetable seller Ciboulette from the rural village of Aubervilliers near Paris. She takes her vegetables to Les Halles in Paris and has her future predicted by Mère Pingret. The palm reader gives her three signs for the future: she will find her husband among the cabbages, another woman interested in her future husband will turn white and Ciboulette will find a message in a tambourine. After this, Ciboulette meets Antonin, an idle millionaire. He has just been abandoned by his girlfriend Zénobie and is looking for support from the market master Duparquet, none other than the now elderly Rodolfo from La Bohème. Antonin is immediately very impressed by Ciboulette and after meeting him he lays down to rest in a cart with cabbages. When Ciboulette leaves for Aubervilliers with Duparquet, they do not suspect that Antonin is traveling with them in the cart. The fellow passenger is not discovered until Aubervilliers. However, Zénobie has also decided to spend time in Aubervilliers and gets into a fight with Ciboulette. He throws flour on Zénobie, after which Antonín becomes angry with Ciboulette. He goes with Zénobie, leaving behind a lovelorn and hopeless Ciboulette. Duparquet takes her to Paris and introduces her to the composer Olivier Métra, who guides her in a career as the singer Conchita Ciboulera. Antonin has now ended his relationship with Zénobie and is present at a performance by Conchita Ciboulera. Antonin then recognizes his Ciboulette, but only when Ciboulette finds Antonin’s farewell letter in her tambourine do they declare their love for each other. All three predictions have come true and nothing can stand in the way of their happiness anymore.


Ciboulette Aurélia Legay
Duparquet Jean-Marie Fremeau
Antonin Alexandre Marcelli
Zénobie Laurence de la Morandiere
Roger Laurent Alvaro
Le Père Grenu Frans Kokkelmans
La Mère Grenu Anna Maria Dur
Victor Fernand Fédronic
Francoise Céline Saleh
La Mère Pingret Marie-Rose Roland
Le Chef d’orchestre Thierry Devillers


Director Sandrine Anglade
Musical accompaniment Jean-Luc Tingaud
Set design Goury
Costume design Philippe Binot
Light design Dominique Fortin
Orchestra Limburgs Symphonie Orkest
Choir direction Peter Dijkstra
Choir Het Zuidelijk Theaterkoor


‘Opera Zuid serves spicy ‘chives”’