Così fan tutte (1999)

20 November ’99 > 11 December ’99


Don Alfonso, an elderly philosopher, bets two young friends, Ferrando and Guglielmo, that their lovers – if one has the courage to test them – will prove unfaithful. The two gentlemen take the bet indignantly, convinced that the opposite will be true. The ladies in question are made to believe that the men must leave immediately. Ferrando says goodbye to his beloved Dorabella, and Guglielmo to Fiordiligi. The sisters are inconsolable. Don Alfonso then confides in Despina, their chambermaid, and together they introduce a group of mysterious seducers, who try to seduce Dorabella and Fiordiligi. However, the ladies resolutely show them the door, but what neither Despina nor the sisters know is that the strangers really are…Ferrando and Guglielmo in disguise, of course.

Irritated by the rejection – but of course very happy about it at the same time – the men act as if they are taking poison. The sisters become worried and are tempted to meet the gentlemen one more time. There appears to be some attraction after all, and they both choose a favorite – but without knowing it, each sets their sights on the other’s original lover. Guglielmo immediately achieves success with Dorabella, and after some efforts Ferrando also manages to win over Fiordiligi. The men have lost the bet: the sisters are indeed unfaithful to them. Disappointed, they conclude: Così fan tutte – all women do the same.


Don Alfonso Lieuwe Visser
Fiordiligi Geraldine McGreevy
Dorabella Monique Scholte
Despina Machteld Baumans
Guglielmo Marcel Boone
Ferrando Yves Saelens


Director Mike Ashman
Musical direction Uri Mayer
Set- and costume design Bernard Culshaw
Light design John Bishop
Orchestra Het Brabants Orkest
Choir direction Emmanuël Pleijers
Choir Het Zuidelijk Theater Koor