De Parelvissers (2006)

20 May ’06 > 17 June ’06


A group of pearl fishermen on the coast choose Zurga as their leader. Zurga and his friend Nadir reminisce about the time when they were both rivals and in love with the priestess Léïla. They vowed to never meet her again. When a priestess arrives to pray for success for the pearl fishermen, Nadir immediately recognizes her as Léïla and his love for her blossoms again. She manages to make it clear to him that she still loves him too. The high priest Nourabad reminds her of her promise of loyalty to religion. She assures him that she never breaks her promise, even if her life is in danger. When Nadir and Léïla are alone, they sing passionately about love while a violent storm rages outside. Nourabad returns unexpectedly and eavesdrops on the pair. He reprimands them, but Zurga, as chief and judge, does not want to be too harsh on his friend Nadir. However, when the identity of the priestess is revealed as the woman loved by both friends, Nourabad sentences the lovers to death. Léïla is prepared to die but asks Nadir to forgive. However, Zurga is adamant until he discovers that she is the one who did not betray him to the enemy as a refugee years ago. Zurga destroys his own world and sacrifices himself to save the two lovers.


Léïla Sophie Graf
Nadir Christophe Steele
Zurga Hans Voschezang
Nourabad Marco Bakker


Director Katja Czellnik
Musical direction Fabrice Bollon
Costume and set design Stefan A. Schulz
Light design Katja Czellnik, Stefan A. Schulz, Arjen Bijtelaar
Assistant conductor/choir conductor Tjalling Wijnstra
Orchestra Het Brabants Orkest
Choir Koor Conservatorium Maastricht


‘Daydreaming in the warehouse’