De speler (2005)

19 November ’05 > 13 December ’05


The fictional German town of Roulettenburg is a meeting place for people who want to take a chance at the gaming table and in life. Alexej is in love with Pauline, the General’s daughter, who employs him as a teacher. He has lost all the money he obtained from selling Pauline’s jewelry, on her behalf, at the gambling table. The General, who himself is short on cash, does not understand how he could have lost such a large amount. Alexej explains those are all his savings. Pauline is very disappointed that now she cannot pay off her debts to the Marquis. She demands that he flirt with the German baroness, whereupon the baron becomes angry and demands Alexei’s resignation if he will not apologize. The General sees his chances with the beautiful Blanche dwindling now that he no longer has any money. He expects an inheritance from his grandmother the next day, but she quickly recovers from her illness and takes a chance in the casino, where she gambles away all her money. Prince Nilsky sees his opportunity and runs off with Blanche, causing the General to collapse. Alexej decides to seek advice from experienced players, after which he wins so much that the bank cannot pay out the amount. He wants to give the money to Pauline so that she can pay off her debts to the Marquis, but she does not want to accept the money. For a moment, Alexej dreams of a life with her outside Roulettenburg. Pauline says she wants the money anyway, but the moment he gives her the money, she throws it on the ground, leaving Alexej stunned.


General Marek Gasztecki
Pauline Francis van Broekhuizen
Alexej Iwanowitsj Jeroen Bik
Babulenka Klara Aleman
Marquis Peter Vos
Blanche Helen Lepalaan
Mr. Astley/Third player Marcel van Dieren
Prins Nilsky/First croupier Alexander Mayr
Tall Englishman Hans van Heiningen
Potapitsch/Unfortunate Player Tom Haenen
Director Niels van Doesum
Second croupier Bernard Loonen
Englishman Arnaud Rouillon
Colorless lady Andreja Schmeetz
Pale lady Daphne Weston
Showy lady Priske Dehandschutter
Venerable lady Adélaïde Rouyer
Suspicious old lady/Barones Würmerhelm Florine Vogel
Nervous player Alexander Schröder
Sickly player Morschi Franz
Hunchbacked player Guido Groenland
Old player Ton van Berkel
First player Davy Smets
Second player Ben Heijnen
Fourth player Bertrand Delvaux
Fifth player Sebastien Parotte
Sixth player Stéphane Houyoux


Director Dalia Ibelhauptaite
Musical direction Ivan Anguélov
Set design Dick Bird
Costume design Anita Yavich
Light design Giuseppe di Iorio
Choreography Arthur Pita
Assistant Conductor/Choir Conductor Tjalling Wijnstra
Orchestra Limburgs Symphonie Orkest