De Zaak Makropulos (2000)

29 January ’00 > 19 February ’00


A lawsuit has been going on for many years between Messrs. Prus and Gregor, which the latter is in danger of losing if he does not quickly provide evidence. To the surprise of the lawyers, a mysterious woman appears, claiming to be able to shed light on the case. She knows in detail where the necessary supporting documents are hidden, and asks if she can have a piece of paper attached to the documents. Her clues turn out to be correct. Those involved gradually discover that she knows a lot about the case, and almost everyone becomes more and more involved in her life – sometimes with fatal consequences.

Only after many complications does the big word come out. Emilia Marty, as the woman is called, is the daughter of a Habsburg court physician, who was forced to try an elixir on her that would lead to eternal life. It worked. She is now 337 years old, has become a famous opera singer and has lived through many generations, albeit always under a different name, but always with the initials E.M. The document she is looking for, attached to the evidence, contains the formula for the elixir, which she needs to extend her days again. The formula is actually recovered, but Marty decides to pass it on to someone else: life has lost its meaning for her and she is ready to die. Young Kristina throws the formula into the fire – eternal life dies with Marty.


Emilia Marty Kristine Ciesinski
Albert Gregor Adrian Thompson
Dr. Kolenaty Glenville Hargreaves
Baron Jaraslav Prus Robert Poulton
Janek, Prus’s son Marcel Reijans
Count Hauk-Sendorf Guy de Mey
Vitek, office clerk Hein Meens
Kristina, Vitek’s daughter Wendy Kokkelkoren
Cleaning lady/chambermaid Gerrie de Vries
Stagehand Laurent van Gulik


Director Patrick Mason
Musical direction Martin André
Set- and costume design Joe Vanek
Light design Paul Keogan
Orchestra Het Brabants Orkest


‘With De Zaak Makropulos, Opera Zuid is taking a new step in the right direction’