Die Entführung aus dem Serail (1998)

12 September ’98 > 8 October ’98


Konstanze, Belmonte’s lover, has been kidnapped by pirates together with his servant Pedrillo and her own chambermaid Blonde. They were sold to the pasha Selim and now reside in his harem. But Belmonte has tracked down his beloved and is on his way to the pasha’s palace to save her. There he encounters Osmin, overseer of the palace, who chases him away in anger. Pedrillo, who has now been put to work as a gardener, comes outside at the noise and immediately recognizes his master.

The pasha is deeply in love with Konstanze and wants to marry her, even though she continually rejects his proposals. Her chambermaid Blonde is in love with Pedrillo, but she has already been given to Osmin. He would also like to get married, but Blonde does not want to be unfaithful to her own Pedrillo. Pedrillo and Belmonte devise a ruse together to free their loved ones. Pedrillo gets Osmin drunk so that he falls asleep and a boat can be prepared in the harbor for his escape. But before the boat can be reached, Osmin wakes up again. He raises a great alarm and the fugitives are captured and taken to the pasha. He quickly recognizes Belmonte as the son of his greatest enemy. The prisoners now fear for their lives and say goodbye to each other. However, the pasha decides to no longer repay evil for evil, and to everyone’s great surprise and joy, he releases the prisoners.


Bassa Selim Peter Pruchniewitz
Konstanze Sibylle Ehlert
Belmonte Barry Banks
Blonde Talia Refeld
Pedrillo Erik Biegel
Osmin Marek Gasztecki


Director Klaus Dieter Kirst
Musical direction Peter Hirsch
Set and costume design Frank Hänig
Light design Eduard Roth
Orchestra Limburgs Symphonie Orkest
Choir Het Zuidelijk Theaterkoor
Choir direction Emmanuël Pleijers


‘Colorful ‘Entführung’/Quick and nuanced-sounding Mozart at Opera Zuid’

‘Opera Zuid presents Mozart’s Entführung very seriously’