Die Lustige Witwe (2006)

18 November ’06 > 12 December ’06


The birthday of the Prince of Pontevedro is celebrated at the Pontevedrian embassy in Paris. The Pontevedrin ambassador in Paris, Baron Zeta, devises a plan to safeguard the widow Hanna Glawari’s millions so that they do not fall into the hands of a foreigner. He requests his secretary, Count Danilo Danilowitsch, to marry this wealthy and cheerful widow to ensure that her inheritance remains in the homeland. This Danilo was already in love with Hanna before her marriage, but could not marry her at the time due to a difference in status. Now he doesn’t want to marry her fearing that she would think he is after her money. However, he will ensure that Hanna does not fall into the hands of a rival. Hanna initially takes his disinterest as a challenge, but gradually loses interest in him. The ambassador’s wife, Valencienne, has great difficulty keeping her lover Camille de Rosillon at bay. Baron Zeta, unknowingly, catches his wife with her lover. However, the clerk Njegus manages to switch the two women Hanna and Valencienne just in time, so that the baron only sees Hanna and Camille together. It becomes too dangerous for Valencienne and she pushes Camille towards Hanna, making Danilo jealous. Danilo then decides to declare his love for Hanna and Valencienne makes it clear to her husband that she is an honorable woman.


Hanna Glawari Francis van Broekhuizen
Count Danilo Danilowitsch Willem de Vries
Valencienne Machteld Vennevertloo
Camille de Rosillon Jeroen de Vaal
Baron Mirko Zeta Rolf A. Scheider
Njegus Roman Kohnle
Vicomte Cascade Frans Kokkelmans
Raoul de Saint Brioche Valentin Jar
Bogdanowitsch Marcel van Dieren
Sylviane Cecile Schijns
Kromow Piet Vansichen
Olga Florine Vogel
Pritschitsch Alexander Schröder
Praskowia Kay Yi Min


Director Stephan Mettin
Musical direction Jan Stulen
Set design Joachim Griep
Costume design Leo van den Boorn/Ben van Buuren
Light design Arjen Bijtelaar
Choreography Marishka van Loon
Assistant conductor/choir conductor Tjalling Wijnstra
Orchestra Limburgs Symphonie Orkest
Choir Het Zuidelijk Theaterkoor


‘Light-footed ‘Lustige Witwe’ at Opera Zuid’