Falstaff (2009)

14 May ’09 > 6 July ’09


Troubled by a lack of money, Sir John Falstaff decides to set out towards love once more. He sends a love letter to the ladies Alice Ford and Meg Page, both married to wealthy merchants. The two friends soon discover that they have received an almost identical declaration of love and decide to make the charming womanizer pay for it. In the meantime, Falstaff’s assistants Bardolfo and Pistola have informed Alice’s jealous husband about their master’s plans and he is also determined to take down ‘that charlatan’. This leads to a crazy series of disguises, in which the overly confident Falstaff is repeatedly deceived. Mr. Ford is also at fault, because his daughter Nannetta uses the nightly masquerade to marry her beloved Fenton and not the headstrong doctor Caius, for whom her father intended her. Yet Ford and Falstaff both take the defeat sportingly, after all: ‘He who laughs last, laughs best’.


Sir John Falstaff Noé Colin
Alice Ford Anja van Engeland
Ford Willem de Vries
Fenton Fabio Trümpy
Nannetta An de Ridder
Mrs. Quickly Christine Solhosse
Meg Page Karin Strobos
Dr. Caius Björn Arvidsson
Bardolfo Mark Omvlee
Pistola Marcel van Dieren


Director Nicola Glück
Musical accompaniment Ivan Anguèlov
Set- and costume design Pia Oertel
Light design Nicola Glück en Pia Oertel
Choir direction Tjalling Wijnstra
Orchestra Het Brabants Orkest
Choir Koor Conservatorium Maastricht


‘Fresh Falstaff in the fifties’

‘Opera Zuid gives Verdi’s comedy Falstaff momentum’