La Bohème (1994)

30 April ’94 > 26 May ’94


The poet Rodolfo, the painter Marcello, the philosopher Colline and the musician Schaunard lead a poor bohemian life. The four of them live in an attic room, but fortunately they also have another living room: café Momus. On Christmas Eve, Rodolfo meets his neighbor, the seamstress Mimì, and it is love at first sight on both sides. Less early and much more turbulent is the relationship between Marcello and Musetta, which is repeatedly overshadowed by her flirting and his jealousy. However, Mimi and Rodolfo’s happiness does not last long either: Mimi suffers from tuberculosis, and after they have lived together for some time, Rodolfo believes that she would be better off looking for a richer man; he doesn’t have the money to properly care for her. When both couples have been separated for several months, it is Musetta who brings Mimi back to the shabby attic room, where she can die surrounded by her friends and reconciled with her lover.


Mimi Miranda van Kralingen
Rodolfo Antonio Leonel
Marcello Piero Guarnera
Musetta Clarry Bartha
Schaunard Roger Smeets
Colline Henk van Heijnsbergen
Benoît / Alcindoro Emile Godding
Parpignol Jan Gooren
Customs Sergeant Kurt Gysen
Customs officer Guus Smeets


Set- and costume design Russel Craig
Light design Paul Hastie
Orchestra Limburgs Symfonie Orkest
Choir Conservatorium Hogeschool Maastricht
Children’s Choir Stichting Koorschool Limburg


‘Miranda van Kralingen makes her debut as a moving Mimi’