The Impossible Dream (BOM 2022)

21 December ’22 > 21 December ’22


Samen met buurtbewoners creëert Opera Zuid een inkijkje in het leven en de verhalen van mensen in Maastricht, met de wijk Malpertuis als thuisbasis. Hun verhalen, persoonlijke anekdotes en muziek worden samengebracht tot de muziek-theatrale Buurt Opera Malpertuis (BOM).

The Impossible Dream Everyone has dreams and wishes in their life. So are the residents of Malpertuis and other districts of Maastricht. However, they realized that not all their dreams would come true. No money, debts, being born in the wrong time, too old, ailing health, wrong background or victim of things that the dogs don’t like. In short, all things that have come their way and thwarted their dreams.

But these locals don’t give up! They don’t hang their heads, but relive their dreams and create epic musical theatre. With music by the combative and politically engaged Bertold Brecht, Kurt Weill and Hans Eisler, with forays into other genres. This music is performed by an ensemble with saxophone and percussion students from the Maastricht Conservatory.


Buurt Opera Malpertuis (BOM) is an initiative of Opera Zuid in collaboration with Conservatorium Maastricht, Trajekt and the Kunstketel and is made possible in part by Cultuurmakers Maastricht, Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie, Gemeente Maastricht, Elisabeth Strouven Fonds, Stichting Kanunnik Salden Nieuwenhof, Rabobank, De Schepper Delft Stichting, Postcode Loterij Buurtfonds and the Oranje Fonds.


L1 visited and made a report of the stars of the BOM! View the entire report here:


Acting & Vocals Locals Malpertuis: Pieter Eijssen, Joke de Mos, Dirk den Haan, Kitty Jacobs, Anja Vrancken
Vocals Bibi Ortjens, Rajaa Alali
Ensemble Ela, Erva, Dunya, Danae, Rahma, Nikita, Noura El Osroutie, Ellie Peters, Miloud Chahboun, Esmail Almerbed, Amira Alahmad, Martine Haesen


Sopraan- en baritonsaxofoon Janou Lambers
Tenorsaxofoon Julie Ries
Sopraansaxofoon Jorge Gómez Josa
Sergi Quintana
Altsaxofoon Silvia Martín González
Alt- en tenorsaxofoon Edison Mesa Román
Percussion and bariton saxophone Magí Llatser Torres
Direction Tamara Jongerden
Vocal coach & direction-assistent Ginette Puylaert
Musical direction Tim Sabel
Production management Lotte Lindelauff
Social work Manon Pachen (Trajekt)
Decor & Props Nathalie Smeets
Technical support Sam Collins
Sound engineering Jannes Noorman
Hair and make-up Leonne Welie
Child supervision – Trajekt Erhan Topcu
Intern production Steven Villhaber






Wed 21.12.2022

Opera Zuid

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