Neighbor Day 2022

Opera Zuid is celebrating Neighbors’ Day again this year! The day on which you can get together with the neighborhood, organized by Douwe Egberts and the Oranje Fonds. Neighborhoods become nicer, more social and safer when neighbors meet and work together for their neighbourhood.

Are you participating? Come with the whole family free to our family opera Het Lijflied on Saturday 24 September. Fun for everyone from 6 years to 106 years. Enjoy the beautiful sounds of soprano Anna Emelianova while enjoying a cup of coffee!

Het Lijflied

In Het Lijflied you enter Ina’s body and discover together with her the wonderful sound universe that her organs create. You hear typical body sounds such as the bubbling of her stomach, the beating of her amorous heart and the simmering of her intestines, but also unknown sounds such as brain waves.

Every organ has its own music. Ina’s stomach makes mechanical music, her heart sings in a romantic nineteenth-century opera style, while her intestines make themselves heard in fits and starts in a spastic language.

“I hope that in Het Lijflied children discover how rich and wonderful their inner world is, in which everything is connected”, says director Alma Terrasse.

General info

The performance starts at 2 p.m. and takes place in our own Studio Malpertuis. The entry is free, so registration is not necessary. The address of the studio is: Malpertuisplein 60, 6217 CD Maastricht. See you Saturday September 24!

More information about Het Lijflied can you here.