Cavalleria Rusticana & Pagliacci (1997)

3 May ’97 > 31 May ’97


Cavalleria Rusticana

It is Easter morning in a small Sicilian village – far away a tenor is singing. It is the local dandy Turiddu, who serenades his former lover Lola, who is now married to Alfio. Santuzza, a loved one of Turiddu, seeks support from his mother, Mama Lucia. But before she can tell her story, Alfio appears on the scene, bragging about his travels and his beautiful wife Lola. However, he does not know that the same woman is cheating on him with… Turiddu.
Santuzza, furious and jealous because Turiddu has left her, tells Alfio about the deception. The disaster seems inevitable: the men challenge each other to a duel. Mama Lucia and Santuzza wait anxiously until loud screams ring out: Turiddu has been killed.


A group of traveling actors arrive in an Italian village and are warmly greeted by the villagers. The leader of the group, Canio, invites everyone to the evening performance and leaves for the café. His wife Nedda – left alone – complains about their marriage, but when Tonio, who has heard her lament, declares his love for her, she rejects him. Shortly afterwards, however, he has to watch her exchange loving words with Silvio, a man from the village. The performance begins. Canio discovers that his wife plans to flee after the performance. He deviates from his text and tries to get Nedda to say with whom she will leave. She improvises and tries to distract Canio, but he shouts that he is no longer Pagliaccio. Silvio, who is in the audience, sees Canio reaching for a knife. He runs forward to protect Nedda, but she is stabbed by Canio in her flight, as is Silvio. Tonio comes forward, telling the audience that “the comedy is over.” Actors are also flesh and blood, a play is nothing more than a representation of life.


Turiddu Antonio Leonel
Santuzza Claire Primrose
Alfio Julian Hartman
Lola Helena Rasker
Mama Lucia Ans van Dam
Canio Vincenzo Scuderi
Nedda Elena Vink
Tonio Robert McFarlan
Silvio Geert Smits
Beppe Brian Galliford
Contadino Niels van Doesum
Un altro contadino Cor Jacobs


Director Christopher Alden
Musical direction David Parry
Set design Paul Steinberg
Light design Avi-Yona Bueno
Costume design Buki Shiff
Choir direction Emmanuël Pleijers
Orchestra Limburgs Symphonie Orkest
Choir Het Zuidelijk Theaterkoor en Het Limburgs Operakoor