Eternal Road (2022)

14 October ’22 > 19 November ’22


How does it feel to never get anywhere completely? To never really land as a person and artist?

A 30-year-old man leaves his homeland in a hurry and never wants to return… Which road did he take and who did he meet along the way? What does it mean to start again somewhere? How much effort does it take to build a network as an artist and then have to do it again? What does it do to a person to go from poor to rich to poor to rich and at the same time not know if your loved ones are still alive?

Kurt Weill, a Jewish composer from Dessau, whose professional life can be divided into two phases: he had a glorious career in Germany and was one of the pioneers of the Golden Age of Musical in America. While his German work mainly consisted of socially critical repertoire with a truly European style of composition, he rooted his music in the sounds of popular American music and stood on the eve of the birth of the Broadway musical.

In this staged Liederabend we show the path of Weill and his music, which will let his story resound in infinity.

Eternal Road is a collaboration between VIA ZUID, Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg and Opera Zuid.


Concept, acting & vocals Kikki Vanhautem


Direction & script Annemiek van Elst
Dramaturgy Joep Hupperetz
Light design Manny Dassen
Accordion & Arrangements Leo van Lierop
Piano Héctor Sanz Castillo




Fri 14.10.2022

Theater aan het Vrijthof

Sat 19.11.2022


Sat 19.11.2022