Le Cabaret du Faune (2021)

9 May ’21 > 8 August ’21


The word cabaret arose in its most original sense from a combination of two words: dilapidated and prosperous. The term can be traced back to the Persian Kharabat, which consists of the words Kharab (expired) and Abad (prosperous). Cabaret is therefore about contrasts and contradictions in which myth, music and theater meet and influence each other.

Le Cabaret du Faune is a theatrical concert in which the human pianist and the mythical Faun meet. The Faun itself is also a contradiction: it is a mythical creature that is half human and half animal. The performance is further drenched in contradictions and it is precisely those contradictions that are used to awaken the creative. The theatrical concert focuses on the concept of metamorphosis and the change that comes about through the encounter of the contrasting characters. The music forms a universal connection between the characters, but at the same time creates a close bond between performance and audience.

It is the music of the French composer Claude Debussy that is central to Le Cabaret du Faune. He was jokingly referred to as Faun by his friends. Debussy was inspired by the art, music and cabaret that were so characteristic of the time of Impressionism. He had enough inspiration for this: he entered artistic circles full of writers, composers and artists. Debussy’s music has many different colors and themes that also contain a contradiction. It makes his music extremely suitable for this performance.

Le Cabaret du Faune is a performance created by mezzo-soprano Romie Estèves, director Benjamin Prins and pianist Nicolas Kruger. Together they look for the right balance between the different disciplines such as theater and music, addressing the ideas of metamorphosis and the power of music to the audience.

Le Cabaret du Faune is a coproduction of Opera Zuid with La Marginaire.


Werktheater Opera Zuid

Le Cabaret du Faune is part of Werkheater Opera Zuid: a series of innovative theatrical concerts and performances in which classical singing is the starting point for unexpected and surprising encounters between artistic forms of expression such as music, dance, fashion, visual art, poetry & literature. With this we want to further broaden, deepen and develop the genre “opera”. Amazement and dialogue with the artists are central to this. And surprise. Expect the unexpected in Werkheater Opera Zuid!


Concept, mezzo-sopraan Romie Estèves
Concept, pianist Nicolas Kruger


Direction Benjamin Prins
Light design Steeve Dechelote
Costume design Danièle Barraud