l’Etoile (1993)

16 September ’93 > 10 October ’93


Place of action: the capital of the Kingdom of the 36 Kingdoms.

It is customary to celebrate the birthday of His Majesty King Ouf I with the spectacle of a public execution. This year, a victim is only found at the very last moment: the peddler Lazuli, without realizing it, personally hits His Majesty in the face.

Just before the execution, the court astrologer Siroco tells King Ouf I that His fate and the fate of the condemned peddler are linked. His Majesty is now forced to safeguard Lazuli’s life at all costs and to ensure that he lacks nothing. This difficult task gives rise to crazy adventures: a secret escape by Lazuli with his beloved princess Laoula, a manhunt for both lovers, a perhaps fatal shot… and a frantic attempt to stop time! But all’s well that ends well: Lazuli is allowed to marry his Laoula, and is even appointed heir apparent to King Ouf I.

L’Etoile is a comic opera with a serious undertone and, despite the years of neglect of its creator, its light-heartedness is not inferior to the work of Gioacchino Rossini or Jacques Offenbach. Cunning, love, time and the future are the ingredients of an opera populated by characters with strange names, but to whom nothing human is foreign.


Lazuli, Pedlar Kimberly Barber
King Ouf I Christian Jean
Princess Laoula Gianna Corbisiero
Siroco Jean Brun
Herisson de Porc-epic Michel Vaissière
Aloés Valérie Marestin
Tapioca Marc Laho
Chief of police Michel Vaissière
Zalzal Harrie Teeuwen
Patacha Patrick Henckens


Set design Paul Steinberg en Carol Bailey
Costume design Gabriel Berry
Light design Adam Silverman
Orchestra Limburgs Symphonie Orkest
Choir Het Zuidelijk Theaterkoor


‘Chabrier’s cabaret-like satire in the French operetta style of Opera Zuid’