Orfeo ed Euridice (2005)

19 February ’05 > 15 March ’05


Orfeo mourns at the tomb of his dead lover, the nymph Euridice. Amor announces that the gods take pity on Orfeo and that he may descend into the underworld to retrieve his beloved from the shadow realm. However, one condition is imposed on him: before he crosses the Styx, he must not look at her nor explain to her why. Orfeo hopes to pass the test through the power of his love and with the help of Amor. At the entrance to the underworld, the Furies ask the three-headed monster Cerberus to kill Orfeo. He knows how to mollify the furies with his music. Orfeo’s wish to find Euridice is fulfilled by the spirits. Euridice is overjoyed to be with Orfeo again, but does not understand his rejecting attitude and begins to doubt his love for her. When she begs him to look at her, Orfeo forgets his promise to the gods for a moment and turns to her. Euridice dies immediately and Orfeo follows her back to the underworld. There he is stopped by Amor. Since Amor feels sorry for Orfeo, he again brings Euridice back to life.


Orfeo Monique Scholte
Euridice Annelie Brinkhof
Amor Lenneke Ruiten
Narrator Marc Krone


Director Joan Font
Musical direction Jos van Veldhoven
Set design Damián Galán
Costume design Maite Alvarez
Light design Albert Faura
Choreography Montse Colomé
Choir direction Ludo Claesen
Orchestra Limburgs Symphonie Orkest
Choir Koor Conservatorium Maastricht


‘Dancing furies in a light Orfeo’