Rusalka (2007)

3 March ’07 > 3 April ’07


Once upon a time… there was a little mermaid named Rusalka. She desperately wanted to have a human form to win over the young prince…

In the forest
The wood elves tease the water troll. Rusalka tells him she is in love with a prince and therefore wants to become a woman. The water troll warns her of the dangers, but she ignores his advice and asks the witch to help her. She can make her a woman, but the condition is that Rusalka no longer speaks. The prince is hunting in the forest when Rusalka appears to him as a woman. He takes her to his castle.

At the castle
The cook and the cook prepare the wedding meal. The prince tries to love Rusalka, but receives little response. The princess interrupts their meeting and takes the prince away with her. The water troll says that Rusalka cannot simply return to the water world if she loses the prince’s love. When it becomes clear to Rusalka during the ball that the prince chooses the princess, she flees the castle. The princess ultimately rejects the prince.

In the forest
The witch tells Rusalka that princely blood must be shed in order to return to the water world. When it turns out that Rusalka is unwilling to kill her prince, she is permanently cast away by the mermaids. The cook and the cook come to ask the witch for advice on how to heal the sick prince. When the water troll appears they flee. The wood elves tease the water troll. The prince is shivering with fever looking for Rusalka. He asks her to to deliver him from life. Rusalka kisses him and the prince dies.


Rusalka Annemarie Kremer
Prince Jeroen Bik
Prinses Francis van Broekhuizen
Water troll Frank Blees
Witch Klara Uleman
Cook Marcel van Dieren
Cook Helen Lepalaan
Hunter Alexander Schröder
First wood elf Machteld Vennevertloo
Second wood elf Fenna Ograjensek
Third wood elf Hadewijch Voorn


Director David Prins
Musical direction Stefan Veselka
Set- and light design Reier Pos
Costume design Marrit van der Burgt
Choreography Marishka van Loon
Choir conductor / Assistant conductor Tjalling Wijnstra
Orchestra Limburgs Symphonie Orkest
Choir Het Zuidelijk Theaterkoor


‘Fairytale ‘Rusalka’ at Opera Zuid’

‘Straight forward fairytale opera, archaic and musical-like’