Tsaar Saltan (2009)

6 March ’09 > 2 April ’09


Three sisters think about what they would like to gift the Tsar if they were allowed to marry him. The eldest would prepare a feast, the middle one would make new clothes for everyone, and the youngest would give him a hero’s son. Tsar Saltan suddenly enters and asks the youngest sister to marry him. He employs her two sisters at court; the eldest becomes a cook and the middle a weaver.
Barely the new Tsaritsa (Militrissa)’s pregnant when Tsar Saltan has to go to war. When his son is born, the tsaritsa informs him of the birth. However, the evil sisters and their old helper Babaricha change the good news with the announcement that the tsaritsa has given birth to a monster. Tsar Saltan flies into a rage and on his orders mother and child are nailed into a barrel and thrown into the sea.
Mother and child ( Gvidon, who has miraculously reached adulthood) wash up on the island of Buryan. By chance, Gvidon frees a magical swan from an evil wizard. He is richly rewarded for this and eventually Gvidon, with the help of the swan, manages to reunite his parents.


Tsaar Saltan Marcel van Dieren
Militrissa Fenna Ograjensek/Karin Strobos/Kim Savelsbergh
Weaver Karin Strobos
Cook Kim Savelsbergh
Barbaricha Lucia Meeuwsen
Prins Gvidon Harrie van der Plas
Swan Lenka Brázdiliková
Sailor Mark Omvlee
Sailor/Usher Wiard Witholt


Director Sybrand van der Werf
Musical direction Antony Hermus
Set design Douwe Hibma
Costume design Marrit van der Burgt
Light design Sybrand van der Werf/Douwe Hibma
Choir preparation Tjalling Wijnstra/Ludo Claesen
Orchestra Limburgs Symfonie Orkest
Choir Koor Conservatorium Maastricht


‘Opera Zuid enchants with ‘Tsar Saltan”