Wijkjury Maastricht

Opera Zuid supports and facilitates in collaboration and at the initiative of FEMALE ECONOMY the project the ‘WijkJury’. The WijkJury consists of 12 to 15 open-minded, non-specialist city residents, from different neighborhoods, diverse cultural backgrounds and widely varying age groups. People we have not seen before or hardly ever in the theater. Together they visit 10-15 performances a year and at the end of the theater season choose their favorite: The Choice of the Neighborhood Jury. In addition to the joint theater visits, dramaturgical meetings take place in which the performances seen are analyzed, and there is room for the development of the WijkJury members’ vocabulary, insight and ambassadorship to each other and to the outside world.

Judges from all districts of Maastricht wanted!

Grab your chance and learn about theater for free!

Are you curious, open to new experiences? Then WijkJury is for you!

You get the chance to learn about theater and share your own opinion about the performances. WijkJury Maastricht is a group of 12 to 15 residents from all districts of Maastricht who don’t or can’t go to the theater. Together you visit and discuss about 12 performances in the theater season, which runs from September 2023 to June 2024, under the guidance of ‘pack chief’ Margreet Sweerts. At the end of the season, the jury chooses and crowns a favorite: the Choice of the Neighborhood Jury.

The theater, companies, creators and actors are eager to welcome you as a new audience!

Membership in the Neighborhood Jury is FREE! Participation is not optional. You are expected to attend both performances and all jury meetings. You will be given a list of all dates at the beginning to clear in your calendar and end the season with a national meeting of Neighborhood Juries from other cities.

Are you interested and willing to have a chat to see if this is something for you?

Then send an email BEFORE 20 APRIL with your name, address, date of birth and phone number to wijkjury@operazuid.nl.

Also write in one or two sentences why you would like to participate.


Let’s face it: until 15 years ago, theaters were palaces of culture, presenting a rather one-sided offer. You then miss the stories that happen around you but don’t come in. The WijkJury is changing that. A theater is a place of the city that, by golly, is also paid for by the city. So open those doors!

Icha Arnoldus | programmeur Deventer Schouwburg

I know better than anyone, and I say this as director of theater, that it is almost impossible to reach everyone in the city. And the WijkJury makes that impossible possible. Different worlds of experience meet, as a theater we move with these encounters.

Rob Roos | directeur Theater aan de Schie

The enthusiastic WijkJury members surprised me with their openness, curiosity and eagerness.

Hein Janssen | de Volkskrant

This gives the neighborhood a voice and theater artists hear a different sound for a change.

Karin Somers | de Limburger